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posted 10/13/05 4:15 AM     Click here to send email to Renea  

Hello, My name is Renea and I lived in Deanshanger from the middle 80's until 1991 with my ex-husband, Derek Toombs and our 2 daughters, Emily and Ashley. I am now living back in the states but I think about Deanshanger so often. We had so many good times there. I already spotted in a post on here about Jonathon Whiles. His family lived next door to us on Glebe Rd. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Bridgette? What about Yvonne and Ian Cooke and their 2 children, Jamie and Tara. Yvonne was my closest friend and our children were the same age. Also does anyone know a John and Chris? I cant remember there surnames but the had 2 girls, I think one was named Gemma. Anyways I would love any info. It feels like a whole different lifetime away but yet only yesterday. Thank you, Renea

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posted 7/25/05 9:16 PM     Click here to send email to Anne PICKETTS  

I am looking for any descendants of George FODDY and Rhoda CAPELL who were married in Passenham on 15 Jul 1908. Would appreciate any contact with descendants. Thanks.

roger vaughan posted 4/28/05 8:23 AM

 does anyone hear from ruth powell from deanshanger
 shanger girl posted 4/28/05 11:34 AM I know Ruths sister I will ask her if you like what happened to her will let you know on here .

 elaine davidson posted 2/23/05 5:43 PM

 hi my name is elaine davidson was dashfield, i used to live at three elm drive in deanshanger from 1976 until 1982 then moved to morecambe. I had a great time    living in the village had lots of friends but lost touch with them,have spoke to linda latimer and sally parsons on friends re united, i would love to hear from anyone that remebers me.

 donna jones posted 1/5/05 7:02 PM

 hi to all the 'shanger people! My mums name is Yvonne Hall (now jones), her sisters are Delia Hall(now Brewer) and Vera Hall(now McGlinchey).My Nan was Queenie Hall, My Grandad was Charlie (snowy) Hall, they lived in Westfield to Bartletts!!!Anybody have any memories or connections please contact me!!!

 Janet Isles posted 12/6/04 11:24 PM

 I just wondered if anyone remembers my dad, Pete Bartlett. I haven't seen or heard from him since I was about 2yrs old. Any info about him or my/his family ie my grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. would be very welcome. Thanks. Janet

  Isn't it about time that you put sum real Village news ? When I see that Mark Nick had put a piece in I thought that it would be worth reading, but alas it was only about work! the sad b!!!rd he must need help.
Lets get down to who is s!!ing who??
My family in the States check this site regularly, so lets get down to the LAW SUIT stuff you windy old fart. If not let me have your password and let me adjust the contents of the site for you. (I can be trusted)
Also I think it would be a good idea to put the the deaths of old village people in so that people living away from the village know.


   Hi  Ken,

 I thought you'd like to know what happened.

 I managed to find the Wilmin lady, she lives at Bedford.  I have put them in touch and they are going at this family history thing hammer and tongs. 

 Well done.  You've pleased two more ladies!  Keep up the good work .

 William Foddy

"lorraine keyser" <>

Subject:Wilmin Family

Received:Wed, 21 Nov 2001 05:52:39 +1100

Hi ,
I live in Sydney, Australia and my family the James Wilmins came here in
about 1850 from Deanshanger. James was married to Elizabeth Richardson of
Potters Pury. Do you still have Wilmins in town?
Love to hear from a local interested in

Subject: old skool 90to96
Received: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 11:32:45 EDT

hi to all the old skool shanger cats.Big Flob,Dave,weed,pugsy,did,ad,Phil dogg,And dogg,Cokey,Marshal mathers,Mendy,Dotty,The byrne twins,GaryB,Garret,Ron,Hiney,Wheres Proctor?,Darren the baron,Matty,Squige,Ant,  Kev,Lancelot,julie,stef,nicky,sandra,jo,emmeline,who be there!Everyone we missed oh Jaco from spar! Big up from the West side Crips!MkMassive95 al the Oldbrook girls. keep up the good work Ken cya.

From: <>
Subject: Deanshanger
Received: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 18:10:12 -0400
To: <>

Greetings from Canada!

My name is Victoria Holloway and I lived in Deanshanger as a very young girl;
between 1986 and 1989. I was seven when I emigrated to Grande Prairie,
Alberta with my family, leaving the village behind. I absolutely love your
site though it does make me wonder about my life had I never moved. I have
fond memories of walking to the primary school with my Mum and little brother
in tow, running my hand along the brick wall of the oxide works and turning
them that lovely shade of red. I saw the village from a car window in 1996
and again in 2000 (when I came to visit family in London and MK), I'm sorry I
did not have the chance to get out and see more of it...I did visit the
primary school though - I was hoping the time capsule may have been dug up so
I could reminisce, I clearly remember burying it back in the day.

I had some great friends in Deanshanger, and I was hoping, in the event that
they may check in at this message board, that they may contact me, I'd love
to hear about what they are doing as adults now. Here are a few of the
names: Lucy Baker, Ben and Lucy Carter, and those from my cul-de-sac on
Glebe road (I lived in 177), Hannah and Lisa, Elizabeth, Ann, and my
brother's little friends Simon and "Petie." My Mum does keep in touch with
Sue Lawrence and her family (I used to hang out with Claire), I'll say
"hello" from all of us.

If you can't post all of this on your message board I'd appreciate any
editing you could do just to get the word out to my long lost friends.
Thank you!

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Subject:   Deanshanger Comprehensive School
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Friends in Deanshanger



Sun, 22 Apr 2001 21:20:24 -0700

Hello. This is going to be a little different for you. In 1975 My husband and I lived in Deanshanger at 55 Elm
Dr. My husband was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford. We lived next door to a couple
their Names were Keith and Pauline Eyre  they lived at 57 Elm Dr. They had 2 girls, Andrea and Jacqueline. We lost track of them after we went back to the United States. Don't know if they still live there or not. It would be wonderful to be able to find them again. If possible we would like to get a e-mail address and maybe a current mailing address. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you Pat and Doug Hamilton. 


G'day Willis,


This comes to you from Melbourne, Australia. It was great to come across your site, as i was born in & bred in 'Shanger (i think you should remember me, as we had the odd beer or 2 together way back then!!). The old photos and stories of local people brought back many memories.

I migrated to Oz in 1974, had a couple of return visits in the 70's, but then remained away for almost 20 years. I was then able to make a few visits due to work comitments in England in the late 90's, and again in 2000 & 2001.

It was great to once again see the village, but at the same time sad to find the old haunts, the Rose & the Woodman both demised. The pubs were always the centre of the village community, even the remaining 2 at the "bottom end" seemed to lack of the atmosphere of years gone by. Of course many people had moved on from my day, it was often hard to find a familiar face.

Anyway, this is just a quick hello, and thanks for the memories Ken.

Best Wishes,

Roy Burgess.

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